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    How to Choose the Best Golf Course

A great golf course can be classified by many criteria. This could include the complexity of the courses, history of the grounds, or even events that were previously hosted there. Any of these factors could encourage you to invest in a club membership. If you’re looking for the best golf course in Chicago, consider some of these factors before making your selection.

Course Conditions

Mountains, lakes, or other beautiful sites can be great allures of the perfect golfing experience. The satisfaction can also be found in the upkeep of the grounds. Check to see if the course has ongoing maintenance throughout the year. Renovations can also be a great idea for older courses with long-standing histories. This will help to improve play while still maintaining a nostalgic feel on the course.


The design of a course is vitally important to its “feel” and play. This could include factors like hole placement, or the flow from one hole to the next. Keeping a consistent forward motion makes the game possess a sense of urgency and importance. The direction that the holes play is important as for wind conditions, as well. This is especially important if the course is near oceans or other forms of moving water. And don’t forget variety – the best golf course in Chicago will include greens, bunkers and slopes that make the game interesting.


Finally, consider the clubhouse and grounds service during your time spent on the course. Feeling comfortable and welcome on the grounds will greatly enhance the quality of your stay.

Any of the above factors can lead to an increase in loyalty for a certain course – but these are just a few ways to help you choose the right one. If you’re seeking the best golf course in Chicago, visit us as at Mistwood Golf Club. At Mistwood, you’ll find a beautiful, newly-renovated course designed for optimal play, and ways to relax both on and off and green. For more information on our stunning new clubhouse and renovated course, take a virtual tour of our course today.