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    "Simple Golf Tips"
    by, Dan Phillips PGA

    • Posture.
      You need to be in an athletic posture. It begins with a slight flex of your knees, a slight bend of your waist, and then let your arms hang from your shoulders. If you can jump straight up in the air from your golf posture you are in a good position. Your posture should mimic a quarterback taking a snap or someone shooting a free throw. Watch a PGA tour telecast, or pick up a golf magazine, then practice in a full length mirror how the Pro’s do it. This is the important part: You must stay in your posture throughout your entire swing
    • Alignment.
      A simple alignment formula is to take a golf club and point it at your target. Set up with your feet on one side of the club and your club head on the other.
    • Your shoulder turn. "Here is a simple drill".
      Take a golf club and place it in front of and across your chest hold it in place with crossed arms. Practice turning your shoulders so that one end of the club points slightly above the ball as you turn past it.
    • Simple swing.
      When you are doing the drill above, keep your knees flexed. When you finish your turn start the downswing by turning your hips through to the target, followed by your shoulders. End up by having your right hip and right shoulder pointing to your target and your weight balanced over your front foot. Your back foot should be balanced on your toe with your heel off of the ground.
    • Putting.
      Distance control is king. During the practice stroke look at your target and swing the putter head to feel how hard to stroke the golf ball.
    • Chipping.
      Swing your club as if it were a long whisk broom. Keep the handle ahead of the bristles and when you sweep leave the dirt on the ground. Do not try to throw the dirt in the air by flipping the broom.
    • Time well spent.
      Try to get to the course about an hour before your tee time. This will give you time to relax, clear your mind, and loosen up before your round. Notice the words “loosen up”, instead of practice. Your routine should include: mild stretching, hitting a small to medium size bucket, chipping and putting. When you hit balls notice which way the ball is moving and play that, now is not the time to try and fix something in your swing. You should use your time chipping and putting to feel your stroke and the speed of the greens.
    • Preparation.
      Have a game plan in place for the course you are playing. Look at a yardage book, most courses have one on their web site. Prepare a basic strategy for playing each hole. Include which clubs are best off of each tee, and where the safe landing areas are on the fairways and greens. It may be impossible to tell the direction of the wind in certain areas of the course, there for, you should take note of the wind direction before your round.
    • Have Fun
      Golf is a social game. Talk to your playing partners. You should laugh (and if you are good at it) tell jokes. Enjoy being outside in the fresh air. In all the years I have been teaching no one has said that they had a bad time when they played their best round ever. To a person all of them have said that it was fun. GOLF+FUN=The BEST rounds of your life.
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