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    Take Your Golf Game to the Next Level with Our Competitive Golfer Program

All About Our Competitive Golfer Program

Mistwood's Competitive Golfer Program is more than just a way to allow young boys and girls to play golf competitively; it's a way to teach them the rules, fundamentals, and skills to excel in golf. The young adults and children who enroll in our program will carry everything they learn with them into adulthood.

Our competitive golfer program is large in scope and dynamic, allowing young athletes to have a blast while learning the necessary skills required to play the competitive side of golf. After completing the program, the young golfers who excel will have the choice of participating in our prestigious Committed Athlete Program (CAP), which is a program that students can only be enrolled in if they receive a personalized invitation.

Our Competitive Golfer Program is taught by some of the most qualified coaches in Illinois, including coach Brian Brodell, who is a former NCAA Division I Golfer, Chris Ioriatti, who is a U.S. Kids Certified Golf Coach, and John Platt, who was named the Illinois PGA Teacher of the Year in 2011. When your child enrolls in our Competitive Golfer Program, you'll know he or she is in the best hands possible.

By enrolling in a Competitive Golfer Program, your child will receive 30 total hours of golf lessons in a group setting. The training sessions will take place every Wednesday, from January to May, and will involve individualized practice, training, golf-related activities, and competitions, with the end goal being to teach youngsters how to practice with determination. Familiarity and expertise are the keys to success.

It's no secret that children and young adults soak up knowledge when they're young and become competent as adults for it — and that's the purpose of this program. 

Practice for our Competitive Golfer Program takes place every Wednesday, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m, at McQ's Sports Dome, which is located at 730 N Bolingbrook Dr., Bolingbrook, Illinois, 60440.

More About the Committed Athlete Program (CAP)

The Committed Athlete Program (CAP) is a our most prestigious program for competitive golfers and committed athletes, and is only meant for those who are serious about the game of golf. As such, positions within the program are by invitation only, and each individual who is invited must complete a full assessment with one of our qualified coach instructors. This program is reserved for high-performance golfers who would like to take the most efficient approach to training, would like to further improve their skills, and would like to drive their personal development of the game. During the program, golfers will identify the skills they must work on and will be given the tools to fix them.

Questions? Give Us a Call!

If you have any questions about our Competitive Golfer Program or would like to enroll your child in it, give us a call at (815) 254-5773, or send an email to bbrodell@mistwoodgc.com. We look forward to hearing from you!