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Spring has sprung, and unfortunately, so have those annoying dandelions.  Click below to read our latest blog from Head Superintendent Ben Kelnhofer to learn how to "tame the lions", and get your front lawn looking as lush as the fairways at Mistwood!

dandeLIONSpring has sprung, and unfortunately, so have those annoying dandelions. So how can you "tame the lions", and get your front lawn looking as lush as our fairways at Mistwood?

Well before you rush to the nearest Home Depot or Menards to grab a bottle of chemical spray that promises to eliminate dandelions and weeds, consider these tips and tricks that my staff and I use at Mistwood, and use them at home to promote your own healthy lawn.

Understanding Dandelions

In order to control dandelions, we must first understand them. Dandelions are so difficult to eliminate because they enjoy the best of both worlds. Above ground, their seeds blow around in the wind during the Spring and Summer, dropping into the slightest opening in your lawn. Once seeded, dandelions can then produce roots up to 10 inches long and live underground all Fall and Winter long.

So how do we eliminate them?

Promoting a healthy, environment-friendly lawn is the best way to control and eliminate dandelions.
Here is how we eliminate them at Mistwood and how you can eliminate them at home:

        ·  Leave Grass Clippings on your Lawn: Clippings will act as a mulch to prevent weed seeds from germinating. The benefits to your lawn,
           under the right conditions, are numerous.

        ·  Mow Higher: Leave your grass height between 2.5 and 3 inches. This will allow the grass to better protect itself, and deprive the weeds of
           light needed for germination and growth.

        ·  Cover Up Bare Spots: Bare spots invite the invasion of opportunistic weeds. Cover bare spots with soil and seed to keep weeds from making
           themselves at home.

        ·  Be Persistent and Patient: A healthy, weed-free lawn takes time, so don't get discouraged when the first dandelion pops up, and only use
           herbicides as a last resort.

Have a question or comment for Mistwood Golf Club Head Superintendent Ben Kelnhofer or his staff? Leave a comment below or email marketing@mistwoodgc.com, and we'll either send you a response directly or answer your question in an upcoming blog post.